Most of our analysis is done in Matlab. We share our code and special-purpose packages via GitHub. The full list is available at

  • BayesFactor - a Matlab Package for Bayes Factor statistical analysis.

  • mslurm - a Matlab package to simplify submitting jobs to a SLURM high performance computing cluster.

  • Neurostim - A Matlab package that, together with the Psychophysics Toolbox, helps to design and run visual neuroscience experiments.

  • V1Model - A Matlab-based model of a recurrent network that captures many salient properties of the dynamic response of primary visual cortex, including, surprisingly, short-term adaptation.


The laboratory maintains several setups for behavioral experiments including devices for eye tracking, high-density EEG, and transcranial current stimulation, for use inside and outside a fMRI scanner. We are willing to share these devices or collaborate on joint projects. Please contact Jasmine Siegel for access information.

Data & Analysis

We are sharing data and analysis code via the Open Science Framework. The list is still short, but it will grow.