We are always looking for participants in our humans subjects experiments. Our lab is located on the Newark campus, and all experiments are conducted there. Send us an email if you are interested:

Depending on the experiment you will be paid between 15$ and 25$ per hour and you may also get a picture of your brain.

Brain Scanning

In some of our experiments you are placed inside an MRI Scanner that shows us the activity of your brain

Behavioral Experiments

Almost all experiments involve extensive time in front of a computer where you perform simple (and sometimes boring) games that tell us something about how you see, or how you learn.

In these experiments, we often we use a video eye tracker to monitor where you're looking.


In electroencephalography experiments you wear something like a bathing cap that has many electrodes attached. These electrodes monitor the electrical activity of your brain.

Transcranial Stimulation

In these experiments, we apply weak electrical currents to your head while you do a task. This is a promising method for noninvasive modulation of the brain that we hope to develop into a useful tool for brain research and clinical applications.