Jasmine Siegel

When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking and keeping up with my wonderful family & friends… and just hanging out with my lovable African Grey, Bogey.

About me:

With 30-plus years working in Neuroscience, I eagerly joined the Klab in 2013. I have wholly enjoyed working alongside my Klab teammates ever since!

I love meeting new people and find it exciting to work with our study participants. I welcome introducing them to some of the leading-edge equipment we use. Our goal is to collect valuable data using the most advanced study tools available while keeping our participants comfortable and safe. For example, we will have our participants run computerized task-games while wearing high-density EEG electrode caps, or while receiving transcranial stimulation, and often these are all done in an MRI! It’s such a delight to see our participants curious about our research and excited to see their brain recordings, or to see images of their brains from the MRI scanner.

Please read more here on how to become a participant in our exciting studies!

Previous Neuroscience Labs I have worked in:

Neural Circuitry — Zaborszky, at CMBN-Rutgers (2012)Vision & Perception – Siegel, at CMBN-Rutgers (2002)Vision & Perception – Kiorpes & Movshon Labs, at New York University (1988)Attention & Neuro-regulation – Aston-Jones, at New York University (1987)Vision & Perception – Kaplan, at Rockefeller University (1987)Learning & Memory – Zola Lab, at University of California, San Diego (1984)

Education / Certification

BA-Bio, Minor-Psych & Vis Arts - University of California, San Diego (1987)CITI-Human Subjects - Soc/Behav/Epidem (current)CITI-Human Subjects - GoodClinicalPractice (current)