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Postdoctoral Fellow


If you are interested in investigating the neural basis of visual perception, we would like to hear from you! The lab is involved in a number of interesting projects concerning perceptual stability in the presence of eye movements, the interaction between motion and form perception, the role of adaptation in the visual system, and the mechanisms of transcranial electric stimulation.

As our publications show, we typically use a range of techniques to address these questions: functional imaging in humans, behavioral studies in humans and monkeys, single cell recordings, and computational modeling. You could be involved with all of these techniques, or choose to concentrate on a single technique. Our foremost requirement is that you are motivated to understand how the visual brain works. But, having one or more of the following skills would definitely be an asset:

  • You know how to record from single cells.
  • You know how to acquire and analyze functional imaging data.
  • You know how to program (C, C++, Matlab)
  • You know how to develop analytic or simulation models of neural processing.

Informal inquiries are welcome; write to for more information. To apply, send a research statement, your CV and the contact information of three references to the same address.

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