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Publications by members of the KLab. Click on the icon on the left to open the PDF or the abstract.
Kar.Ito.Cole.Krekelberg.2020.pdfKohitij Kar, Takuya Ito, Michael W. Cole, and Bart Krekelberg.Transcranial alternating current stimulation attenuates BOLD adaptation and increases functional connectivity.Journal of Neurophysiology 123: 428–438, 2020. (2020) 
Quiroga, Morris, Krekelberg. Frontiers.pdfMaria del Mar Quiroga, Adam P. Morris, Bart Krekelberg.Short-Term Attractive Tilt Aftereffects Predicted by a Recurrent Network Model of Primary Visual Cortex.Front. Syst. Neurosci. 13:67. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2019.00067 (2019) 
Morris, Krekelberg - 2019.pdfAdam P. Morris and Bart Krekelberg.A Stable Visual World in Primate Primary Visual Cortex.Current Biology, 29(9), 1471-1480.e6. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2019.03.069 (2019) 
liuetal.pdfAnli Liu, Mihály Vöröslakos, Greg Kronberg, Simon Henin, Matthew R. Krause, Yu Huang, Alexander Opitz, Ashesh Mehta, Christopher C. Pack, Bart Krekelberg, Antal Berényi, Lucas C. Parra, Lucia Melloni, Orrin Devinsky & György Buzsáki .Immediate neurophysiological effects of transcranial electrical stimulation.Nature Communicationsvolume 9, Article number: 5092 (2018)  (2018) 
Klingenhoefer,JOV,2017.pdfSteffen Klingenhoefer and Bart Krekelberg.Perisaccadic visual perception.Journal of Vision (2017) 17(9):16, 1–14 (2017) 
Recurrent Network Dynamics; a Link between Form and Motion.pdfJeroen Joukes, Yunguo Yu, Jonoathan D. Victor, and Bart Kreklberg.Recurrent Network Dynamics; a Link between Form and Motion.Front. Syst. Neurosci. 11:12 (2017) 
Kar_Duijnhower_Krekelberg_2017.pdfKohitij Kar, Jacob Duijnhouwer, and Bart Krekelberg.Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Attenuates Neuronal Adaptation.Journal of Neuroscience, 37(9):2325–2335 (2017) 
quiroga.cellreports.2016.pdfQuiroga, M., Morris, A.P., and Krekelberg, B. Adaptation without Plasticity. Cell Reports, 17(1):58-68 (2016) 
morris.2016.frontiers.pdfAdam P. Morris, Frank Bremmer, Bart Krekelberg.The Dorsal Visual System Predicts Future and Remembers Past Eye Position.Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 10, 9 (2016) 
Kar_Krekelberg_Cortex_2016.pdfKohitij Kar and Bart Krekelberg.Testing the assumptions underlying fMRI adaptation using intracortical recordings in area MT.Cortex (2016) 
Cereb. Cortex-2015-Duijnhouwer-cercor-bhv221.pdfJacob Duijnhouwer and Bart Krekelberg.Evidence and Counterevidence in Motion Perception.Cerebral Cortex (2015) 
fnsys-08-00239.pdfJeroen Joukes, Till S. Hartmann, Bart Krekelberg.Motion detection based on recurrent network dynamics.Frontiers in systems neuroscience, doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2014.00239 (2014) 
Kar_Krekelberg_J_NeuroSci_2014.pdfKohitij Kar and Bart Krekelberg.Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Attenuates Visual Motion Adaptation.Journal of Neuroscience (2014) 
Wright_Krekelberg_2014.pdfJessica Wright and Bart Krekelberg.Transcranial direct current stimulation over posterior parietal cortex modulates visuospatial localization.Journal of Vision, 14(9):5, 1- 15 (2014) 
patterson.etal.pdfPatterson CA, Duijnhouwer J, Wissig SC, Krekelberg B, Kohn A..Similar adaptation effects in primary visual cortex and area MT of the macaque monkey under matched stimulus conditions..Journal of Neurophysiology. 2014 Mar;111(6):1203-13 (2014) 
Kar_Wright_J_Neurophys_2013.pdfKohitij Kar and Jessica Wright.Probing the mechanisms underlying the mitigation of cognitive aging with anodal transcranial direct current stimulation.Journal of Neurophysiology, 111, 1397-1399 (2013) 
krekelberg.vanwezel.2013.pdfBart Krekelberg and Richard van Wezel.Neural Mechanisms of Speed Perception: transparent motion.J Neurophysiol 110: 2007–2018 (2013) 
Morris, Bremmer, Krekelberg (2013).pdfAdam P Morris, Frank Bremmer, Bart Krekelberg.Eye-Position Signals in the Dorsal Visual System Are Accurate and Precise on Short Timescales.Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 
schreiber.pone.0069328.pdfKai Schreiber, Bart Krekelberg.The Statistical Analysis of Multi-Voxel Patterns in Functional Imaging.PloS ONE, 8 (7): e69328 (2013) 
Intrasaccadic suppression - Guez 2013.pdfJon Guez, Adam P. Morris, Bart Krekelberg.Intrasaccadic suppression is dominated by reduced detector gain.Journal of Vision 13(8):4, 1–11 (2013) M, Albright TD, Krekelberg B.The complex structure of receptive fields in the middle temporal area.Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 7 (2). (2013) 
Kar_J_Neurophysiology_2012.pdfKohitij Kar and Bart Krekelberg.Transcranial electrical stimulation over visual cortex evokes phosphenes with a retinal origin.Journal of Neurophysiology, 108(8), 2173-2178 (2012) 
Morris et al. Current Biology (2012).pdfAdam P. Morris, Michael Kubischik, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Bart Krekelberg, Frank Bremmer.Dynamics of Eye-Position Signals in the Dorsal Visual System.Current Biology, Volume 22, Issue 3, 173-179 (2012) 
WrightEtAl_JoV_2011.pdfJessica Wright, Adam Morris & Bart Krekelberg.Weighted integration of visual position information.Journal of Vision (2011) 11(14):11, 1–16 (2011) 
HartmannTS.jneuroscie.2011.pdfTill S. Hartmann, Frank Bremmer, Thomas D. Albright, and Bart Krekelberg.Receptive Field Positions in Area MT during Slow Eye Movements.Journal of Neuroscience • 31(29):10437–10444 (2011) 
ibbotson.krekelberg.currentopinion.2011.pdfMichael Ibbotson and Bart Krekelberg.Visual Perception and Saccadic Eye Movements.Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 21,1-6 (2011) 
krekelberg.currentbiology.2011.pdfBart Krekelberg.Microsaccades.Current Biology, 21, R416 (2011) 
watson.jNeurosci.2011.pdfTamara Watson, Bart Krekelberg.An Equivalent Noise Investigation of Saccadic Suppression.Journal of Neuroscience • 31(17):6535-6541 (2011) 
Temporal integration of focus position signal during compensation for pursuit in optic flow.pdfJacob Duijnhouwer, Bart Krekelberg, Albert van den Berg, Richard van Wezel.Temporal integration of focus position signal during compensation for pursuit in optic flow.Journal of Vision 10(14):14 (2010) 
Morris et al (2010).pdfAdam P. Morris, Charles C. Liu, Simon J. Cropper, Jason D. Forte, Bart Krekelberg, and Jason B. Mattingley .Summation of Visual Motion across Eye Movements Reflects a Nonspatial Decision Mechanism.Journal of Neuroscience • 30(29):9821-9830 (2010) 
QuickGuide.SaccadicSuppression.pdfBart Krekelberg.Saccadic Suppression.Current Biology, 20, R228 (2010) 
BremmerEtAl.JNeurosci.2009.pdfFrank Bremmer, Michael Kubischik, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Bart Krekelberg.Neural Dynamics of Saccadic Suppression.Journal of Neuroscience • 29(40):12374 –12383 (2009) 
journal.pone.0006900.pdfGeorge Chahine &  Bart Krekelberg.Cortical Contributions to Saccadic Suppression.PLoS One 4 (9):e6900. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0006900  (2009) 
watson.cb.2009.pdfTamara L. Watson, Bart Krekelberg.The Relationship between Saccadic Suppression and Perceptual Stability.Current Biology 19:1040-1043 (2009) 
kourtziEtAl.TICS.2008.pdfZoe Kourtzi, Bart Krekelberg, Richard van Wezel.Linking Form and Motion in the Primate Brain .Trends in Cognitive Science, 12:230-236 (2008) 
schlack.JVision.2008.pdfAnja Schlack, Bart Krekelberg, Thomas D Albright.Speed perception during acceleration and deceleration.Journal of Vision 8 (8) :1-11 (2008) 
krekelbergMotionDetectionMechanisms.pdfBart Krekelberg .Motion Detection Mechanisms.The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference. Eds. Allan Basbaum et al, Elsevier Inc, Oxford, 2008, Pages 133-155. ISBN: 9780126394825. (2008) 
krekelberg.bbs.2008.pdfBart Krekelberg.Perception of Direction is not Compensated for Neural Latency.Behavioral Brain Sciences 31 (2): 208-209 (2008) (2008) 
kaminiarz_Jneurophysiol.2008.pdfAndre Kaminiarz, Bart Krekelberg, Frank Bremmer.Expansion of visual space during optokinetic afternystagmus (OKAN) .Journal of Neurophysiology. 99:2470-2478 (2008) (2008) 
27-11009-Jenurosci-schlack.pdfA. Schlack, B. Krekelberg, T.D. Albright.Recent history of stimulus speeds affects the speed tuning of neurons in area MT.Journal of Neuroscience 27:11009-11018 (2007) 
dobkinsVisionResearch2007.pdfK. Dobkins, A. Rezec, B. Krekelberg.Effects of Spatial Attention and Salience Cues on Chromatic and Achromatic Motion Processing .Vision Research 47:1893-1906 (2007) 
kaminiarz_visionresearch.pdfA. Kaminiarz, B. Krekelberg, F. Bremmer.Localization of Visual Targets during Optokinetic Eye Movements.Vision Research 47: 869-878 (2006) 
krekelbergJNeurosci2006.pdfB. Krekelberg, R.J.A. van Wezel, T.D. Albright.Interactions between Speed and Contrast Tuning in the Middle Temporal Area: Implications for the Neural Code for Speed.Journal of Neuroscience • 26: 8988-8998 (2006) 
krekelbergTINS2006.pdfB. Krekelberg, G. M. Boynton, R.J.A. van Wezel.Adaptation: from Single Cells to BOLD Signals.Trends in Neuroscience, 29: 250-256  (2006) 
krekelbergJNeurophysiol2005c.pdfB. Krekelberg,  R.J.A. van Wezel, T.D. Albright.Adaptation in Macaque MT reduces Perceived Speed and Improves Speed Discrimination.Journal of Neurophysiology, 95: 255-270  (2005) 
krekelbergJNeurophysiol2005b.pdfB. Krekelberg, A. Vatakis, Z. Kourtzi.Implied Motion from Form in the Human Visual Cortex.Journal of Neurophysiology 94:4373-4386  (2005) 
krekelbergJNeurophysiol2005a.pdfB. Krekelberg, T.D. Albright .Motion Mechanisms in Macaque MT.Journal of Neurophysiology, 93, 2908-2921  (2004) 
rezecVisionResearch2004.pdfA. Rezec, B. Krekelberg, K. Dobkins.Attention enhances Adaptability: evidence from motion adaptation experiments..Vision Research 44:3035-3044  (2004) 
kleiserCurrentBiology2004.pdfR. Kleiser, R.J. Seitz, B. Krekelberg.Neural Correlates of Saccadic Suppression in Humans.Current Biology  14:386-390  (2004) 
krekelbergNature2003.pdfB. Krekelberg, S. Dannenberg, K.-P. Hoffmann, F.Bremmer, J. Ross.Neural Correlates of Implied Motion.Nature 424:674-677 (2003) 
krekelbergTics2003.pdfB. Krekelberg.Sound and Vision.Trends in Cognitive Sciences,7:277-279  (2003) 
bremmerNeuron2003pdf.pdfF. Bremmer and B. Krekelberg.Seeing and Acting at the Same Time: Challenges for Brain and Research.Neuron, 38: 367-370 (2003) 
krekelbergNeuron2003.pdfB. Krekelberg, M. Kubischik, K.-P. Hoffmann, F.Bremmer.Neural Correlates of Visual Localization and Perisacaddic Mislocalization.Neuron, 37: 537-545 (2003) 
krekelbergTins2002.pdfB. Krekelberg & M. Lappe.Response: Untangling spatial from temporal illusions .Trends in Neuroscience, 25:294 (2002) 
krekelbergTins2001.pdfB. Krekelberg & M. Lappe.Neural latencies and the position of moving objects.Trends in Neuroscience, 24:335-339, 2001. (2001) 
krekelbergVisionResearch2001.pdfB. Krekelberg.The Persistence of Position.Vision Research, 41:529-539, 2001. (2001) 
althoeferNeurocomputing2001.pdfK. Althoefer, B. Krekelberg, D. Husmeier & L. Seneviratne.A Reinforcement Learning Navigator for Robotic Manipulators..Neurocomputing, 37:51-70, 2001. (2001) 
krekelbergScience2000.pdfB. Krekelberg & M. Lappe.The Position of Moving Objects.Science,289:1107a (2000) 
krekelbergNeurocomputing2000.pdfB. Krekelberg, M. Paolini, F. Bremmer, M. Lappe & K.-P. Hoffmann.Deconstructing the Receptive Field: Information Coding in macaque area MST..Neurocomputing 38-40 (1-4) (2001) pp. 249-254 (2000) 
krekelbergVisionResearch2000.pdfB. Krekelberg & M. Lappe .A model of the perceived relative positions of moving objects based upon a slow averaging process.Vision Research, 40:201-215, 2000 (2000) 
lappeNature2000.pdfM. Lappe, H. Awater & B. Krekelberg.Postsaccadic visual references generate presaccadic compression of space.Nature, 403:892-985, 2000 (2000) 
lappePerception1998.pdfM. Lappe & B. Krekelberg.The position of moving objects.Perception, 27:1437-1449, 1999 (1999) 
krekelbergVisionResearch1999.pdfB. Krekelberg & M. Lappe.Temporal recruitment along the trajectory of moving objects and the perception of position.Vision Research, 39:2669-2679, 1999 (1999)